With IT underpinning almost everything we do in the modern world, including the successful running of small to global organisations, it’s no surprise that the Timely, effective and most importantly ‘on budget’ delivery of IT projects is at the top of the agenda with most IT Managers. In order to address this, many have looked […]

In recent years the demand for PHP developers has grown at an extraordinary rate, with demand increasing by 46% between 2013 and 2014 alone, according to The IT Job Board. With the demand ever increasing, and the supply of top level developers remaining comparatively low, the average salary has continued to rise well above the […]

Preferred supplier lists (PSLs) are common place in the majority of business and for good reason. Developing good relationships with your recruitment partners is vital as choosing the right employees can make or break your business. So, why have a PSL? Working with a select number of recruitment partners over a period of time allows […]

Hiring people is an inevitable part of doing business. As your business grows and the demand for your goods and services increases, you will need more staff to help meet that increased demand. These people are there to help your business make money, but hiring the wrong person for the job can be a very […]

Many firms across the world reward employees based on their performance against targets set, this most commonly occurs in the sales teams.  These rewards range from a standard bonus scheme, to employee of the month incentives, techy prizes as well as holidays. And that’s a great thing right? The more you sell, the more recognition […]

It’s Friday, and we know what that means, the weekend is nearly here. Many firms struggle with motivating their staff, especially on a Friday as the weekend fast approaches. Many employers are naïve when it comes to motivation and believe that their staff are motivated by money alone. Employers are always searching for that motivator […]

It’s not even November yet but we can’t escape the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. The shops are filling up with decorations, novelty jumper and gift sets faster that you can say ‘Santa Claus’. The Christmas lights are appearing in above the streets across the country, although we have a couple more weeks before […]