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The PHP job market- It’s a contractor world out there.

In recent years the demand for PHP developers has grown at an extraordinary rate, with demand increasing by 46% between 2013 and 2014 alone, according to The IT Job Board. With the demand ever increasing, and the supply of top level developers remaining comparatively low, the average salary has continued to rise well above the […]

Could the grass be greener?

Preferred supplier lists (PSLs) are common place in the majority of business and for good reason. Developing good relationships with your recruitment partners is vital as choosing the right employees can make or break your business. So, why have a PSL? Working with a select number of recruitment partners over a period of time allows […]

What motivates employees to go that ‘extra mile’? – you may be surprised!

It’s Friday, and we know what that means, the weekend is nearly here. Many firms struggle with motivating their staff, especially on a Friday as the weekend fast approaches. Many employers are naïve when it comes to motivation and believe that their staff are motivated by money alone. Employers are always searching for that motivator […]

What we really do….

We don’t blow our own trumpet very often, but we thought we would let you know what we have been doing for one of our clients in particular, so you can see what we could do for you too. So here it is…. We have been working with this client since Stage began and they […]

Motivation- What does it for you?

Let’s be honest, Friday afternoons are not your most favourite time of the week. You are all excited about the weekend and you’re either rushing about to make sure everything is finished by 5pm, or it’s spent clock watching. A lot of offices will do different things slightly different on a Friday as a little […]

Project Management Services

In a fast moving industry where competition is never far away, the need to protect and strengthen your customer relationships has never been greater. Every new project brings with it an opportunity either to gain or lose customer trust — the most vital element of a long term business relationship. A reputation for effective and […]

It’s Christmas Time

It’s been eventful 2013 for us. We’ve have everything from business conferences, to new starters to award shows. This has definitely been a good year for us at Stage. And what better way to round it off than a merry Christmas party! Oh what fun it is to have a Christmas quiz Decking the office […]