Recruiting the right calibre of talent has never been more important

Recruiting the right calibre of talent has never been more important. The economic uncertainty caused by Brexit, organisations competing for the best hires, associated costs and time commitment, all mean you have to get your recruitment right or it may impact future success.

What happens next is even more important.

How do you lead and develop these investments in your business? Because that is what they are, an investment of time, money, intelligence and skills sharing. These people, whether they are salaried or contractors, are now a precious commodity, so how do you get the best out of them?

Leadership. Sounds a simple word but so difficult to get it right for all. Do you take a “this is how I do it” approach, one size fits all, or do you treat these individuals as, well………… individuals?

Do you send out positive or negative messages when bringing people on within your organisation or when you send out information and actions to be completed?

From Daniel Goleman’s “Leadership that gets results”, we have the Visionary Leader. People using this style are inspirational, they bring colleagues and staff together toward a common goal and paint the picture of where they are going and the destination to be reached. They are not prescriptive on how to get there and prefer to inspire team members to identify the best route. We hear a lot about Emotional Intelligence, the Visionary Leader has this in abundance.

This method is highly effective when the organisation requires a new direction in situations such as corporate turnaround or buy out. To master this style you need self-confidence and belief in the vision you are promoting and be able to stand up as the catalyst to the change that is required.

The Coaching Leadership style develops people for the future and links personal goals to those of the company. These leaders are empathetic and encourage their staff to think of long term plans and strengths and how these goals fit in with the company’s mission and aims. To be good as a Coaching Leader, you need to be able to listen and have a level of self-awareness, as well as the desire to see others excel and succeed. This style motives others and builds a level of trust and open communication essential for the growth and success of your organisation and people.

The above are two examples of leadership styles and there are many others out there to experiment with and master, however with leadership comes responsibility. If you want your people to succeed for themselves by achieving their own personal goals and the targets of the organisation, you need to help them. Support them. Motivate them, and reward them.

Help them identify and achieve their goals. Help them improve their performance and if you can, help them overcome the obstacles in their way. Help them by recognising what they do. Say “Thank You”, “Great Job”, “What you do is appreciated”. Try and identify what motivates them as individuals as money is not always the main motivator. Get to know your people as the individuals they are, what do they really want and remember not everyone is a good fit for your business. If they are not right for you and if your organisation is not right for them, recognise it and do something about it. It’s amazing the relief people feel when a grown up conversation is held and a plan is put in place to ease them out and into a new career.

Lead your people properly and effectively, the best style of leadership will depend on the situation or targets to be achieved and remembering to see your people as the individuals they are.


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