Benefits of employee engagement

You’ve heard it before, a happy, motivated and fulfilled workforce leads to improved business performance; and there is evidence to demonstrate a link between how people are managed and business performance. Positive relationships are synonymous with revenue growth, profit, customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, brand advocating, staff retention and efficiency.

ACAS note four key ingredients of a happier, more motivated and productive workforce:

  • leaders with a vision who value how individuals contribute
  • line managers who empower rather than control their staff
  • values that are lived and not just spoken, leading to a sense of trust and integrity
  • employees who have the chance to voice their views and concerns.

Why does it matter?

Employees value connections, involvement and being part of the larger picture. When people feel connected and in sync with their company, dialogue and high levels of employee input result. Unsurprisingly, engaged employees thrive and their interactions strengthen their loyalty to the company. Evidence suggests that engaged employees are likely to be more satisfied in both their life and job and have better mental and physical health. This translates into lower absence rates, lower staff turnover and higher organisational commitment. (When compared to non-engaged employees). The customer experience is also impacted by employee engagement levels. Engaged employees are more energised and productive, which impacts the quality of the customer experience and invariably customer loyalty.



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