The PHP job market- It’s a contractor world out there.

In recent years the demand for PHP developers has grown at an extraordinary rate, with demand increasing by 46% between 2013 and 2014 alone, according to The IT Job Board. With the demand ever increasing, and the supply of top level developers remaining comparatively low, the average salary has continued to rise well above the rate of inflation. With those working in the contract market seeing a greater salary increase than the ‘permies’, the PHP contract market is booming.

The contract market began its boom as the economy began to recover after the recession in 2008, many permanent developers lost their jobs in the recession and the job market crashed. As firms began to recover, they couldn’t commit to taking on permanent staff so contractors were bought in. Due to the lack of longevity of the positions, developers in contract positions needed to demand higher wages. Over time as the market has recovered, contractors have chosen to continue working fixed term contracts at higher rates rather than switching to permanent roles. This has caused the whole market to shift with very few PHP developers opting to hold permanent positions. PHP contractors can earn up to double a permanent developer, however some individuals don’t have the luxury of contracting- for example; many mortgage lenders or credit card companies will not lend to contracted staff and there is not guaranteed income.

With demand so high, resourcing quality candidates in this space presents a challenge for many companies. Luckily Stage have built an extensive pool of resources for both contracted and permanent developers, which enables us to present some of the highest calibre resource on the market….. or NOT on the market as the case may be. If struggling with this very issue, then why not give us a call today.


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