Christmas is coming- helping or hindering productivity?

It’s not even November yet but we can’t escape the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. The shops are filling up with decorations, novelty jumper and gift sets faster that you can say ‘Santa Claus’. The Christmas lights are appearing in above the streets across the country, although we have a couple more weeks before the big switch on. Oxford Street will be illuminated from the 6th November, and no doubt Winter Wonderland will be up and running shortly after. Being so surrounded by the festive spirit (we are just off Oxford Street and about 5 minute walk from Hyde Park), here at Stage we will be getting into the spirit of things with office decorations. However, some offices choose not to decorate or acknowledge the festive season. Do you think this would effect productivity? And in what way?

Will a Christmas-less office prevent productivity dropping over the festive period? Some people believe think that office Christmas decorations are a waste of money and may also provide a distraction by promoting the holiday mind-set and party atmosphere, however it could be that the lack of Christmas decorations could be more demotivating and reduce productivity more than the distraction of the season itself.

Companies such as the Royal Bank of Scotland have previously scrapped Christmas celebrations all together, such as office parties and decorations, due to the need cut costs. However an office without Christmas decorations or any recognition of the festive spirit is likely to have an impact of the staff’s mood as well as a bleak image for visiting customers. This can leave employees feeling neglected and undervalued leading to reduced productivity and an increase in absenteeism.

It may be that business have to accept that productivity may fall slightly during the festive season and that it can’t be escaped from. On the other hand, a happy work force is a motivated workforce and those wearing Christmas hats and tinsel over their suits are those who are most motivated to work.

Personally, I think office Christmas decorations are crucial. For starters, they provide an incentive and encourage employees to come into to work in what is a national holiday season. A festive and fun environment can also really enhance team building in the workplace, leading to a unity and solidarity in the work force. So sit back and get ready for the onslaught of tinsel and fairy lights as December gets ever closer.


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