The Apprentice- Lord Sugar’s approach

Lord Sugar’s ‘The Apprentice’ is back on our screens next week and here in the Stage office we started thinking about the lengths he has gone to over the years (obviously for entertainment purposes) to find his ‘Apprentice’. Although since the UK version of the show started in 2005 the prize has changed somewhat, with the winner now receiving £250,000 investment for their business as opposed to a job working under Lord Sugar, it still begs the question, how much is too much when it comes to putting your candidate through their paces?

Of course the show was not solely created for Lord Sugar (back then he was known as Sir Alan) to find his apprentice, there are far quicker and more cost effective ways of recruiting. However, it does make us wonder, how much quizzing (and in Lord Sugar’s case, grilling) is acceptable? And how much should the hiring manager already know about the candidate before they step foot in the boardroom for the interview?

Hiring managers want to know that the candidates’ technical skills, credentials and qualifications are suitable for the role before the interview stage and no hiring manager wants to waste time interviewing candidates who haven’t been technically vetted. The interview stage gives the candidate an opportunity to describe in more detail their work experiences as well as for the hiring manager to assess the candidate’s communication skills and whether they believe they would fit well into the team and company. Interviews are often seen as a nerve racking experience, however we believe if a candidate is suited to the job then the interview process should always runs smoothly for both parties involved. However, like in The Apprentice, more and more businesses are moving away from the basic interview format and adopting bespoke assessment techniques. Hiring managers want to put their candidates through their paces through a range of role play exercises and challenges during the interview stage.

At Stage, we take the time to understand your business needs and work with you to create bespoke screening processes. We technically vet all our candidates we interview for our clients, ensuring that the experience and knowledge level is up to job. We also know that hiring managers don’t want to be sieving through hundreds of suitable CVs. With this in mind, some of our clients opt for our two CV approach, in which Stage only send over the CVs of the top two candidates, ensuring our clients only have the choose from the best. No time wasting, no nonsense, just how Lord Sugar likes it.

So why not call Stage and let us show you what we can do for you.


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