What we really do….

We don’t blow our own trumpet very often, but we thought we would let you know what we have been doing for one of our clients in particular, so you can see what we could do for you too. So here it is….

We have been working with this client since Stage began and they continue to praise us for our professionalism, service and great price.

Our client, the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, faced a range of business challenges which had begun to stunt growth and reduce productivity. Using our best practices framework, people, tools and techniques, Stage provided pragmatic solutions to ensure our client’s business objectives were met.

The company were heavily engaged with a global management consultancy and as result were experiencing very high day rates and had limited control over those resources. Systems builds were being carried by vendor partners which added additional expense to the operation.

The Stage Approach

We worked with the motor company to form part of their 4 partner PSL role out. We replaced a wide range of the management consultancy firms’ resources and carried out a detailed handover dramatically reducing the company’s overheads. Stage were instrumental in the development of the systems build team, which greatly reduced the cost associated with vendors building systems prior to shipping. In addition to this our client took advantage of our value added services, with onsite account and delivery managers, ensuring seamless roll out of onsite services which not only improved efficiency but reduced cost.

We placed over 120 staff with this client, with over 40% of these being direct Stage employees, enabling us to be extremely cost effective

Supply a number of highly skilled resources spanning –

  • Web Development
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Helpdesk
  • Infrastructure
  • Datacentre
  • Data Base Administrators
  • Network support
  • Trainers – train staff on how to use the plant system software
  • Mainframe developers
  • Plant floor specialists
  • Project Managers- Use Agile methodology

As well as ensuring our customer could scale short terms resources effectively, we were asked to be involved in the longer term development of the company with contracted teams taking permanent positions and Stage assisting with overall recruitment of permanent, this relationship remains strong and we continue to provide this client with contractors as and when they are needed. For each new role our client has, we provide CVs of the 2 best candidates for the role, to ensure we don’t waste our client’s time.


Why not give us a call on 0207 969 2703 and see what we can do for you.


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