Football and Recruitment- the similarities


The World Cup is nearly over which means half the country is relieved that normal TV scheduling returns and pubs revert back to normal volumes whereas the other half of us are wondering how we are going to spend our free time without the football to watch, critique or moan about.

Brazil suffered an embarrassing defeat by Germany this week, I think many football fans were in shock at the final score (for those non-football fans, it was 7-1!). This match was a prime example of that working as a team is far more important than having a couple of great individuals. Brazil in fact had more total shots, shots on target and more possession throughout the game, but we all know those stats count for nothing in the end, clearly.

These principles can be applied to recruitment. We can find you the perfect candidates who not only have the skills you require but also who fit within your company. Our resource manager personally calls all candidates to carry out a skills assessment but also to get to know the candidate so he can assess whether the individual will fit into the culture of our client. Finding a candidate who can be part of the team and work with your existing employees is vital so we ensure that our resources we place will be the perfect fit for you, your team and your business goals.


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