Motivation- What does it for you?

Let’s be honest, Friday afternoons are not your most favourite time of the week. You are all excited about the weekend and you’re either rushing about to make sure everything is finished by 5pm, or it’s spent clock watching. A lot of offices will do different things slightly different on a Friday as a little way to mark the end of the week. I read on LinkedIn this morning that during the summer months the London ASOS office closes at 3pm on Fridays (lovely!), many companies have ‘dress down Friday’ or Friday becomes the treat day. Here at Stage, it’s all about Food Fridays. Biscuits, cookies, chocolate, doughnuts and brownies.

These little things that companies do are motivators, you may not even notice that they are which is why they work. They are office treats to say well done for the week and a thank you for how hard you have been working.

I know most of us think we are motivated by money, and to an extent we are, but if that was the only motivator then we would all be happy to hate our jobs, do something that bored us beyond comprehension as long as the money was great. I can honestly say, I would not be keen for that.

There are two motivational theories that stick in my mind from those I learnt at school, Maslow and his hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s two factor theory. You may have heard of these but I will forgive you if they have slipped your mind. They are both based on satisfying the basic needs (or hygiene factors) such as food, shelter, salary and safety, and being motivated by those things that lead to improvement such as achievement, recognition, advancement and responsibility.

I’ve been told the phrase ‘follow the money’ hundreds of times, but personally, I am motivated by a challenge, a target and success but that is because I am a very competitive person. But what motivates you? A little extra in your monthly salary may motivate you in the short term, but in the long term, surely you would prefer a promotion?


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