Work, Rest and Play.

Is it just me or does everyone get a little busier during the summer months? Winter evenings we all tend to curl up in front of the TV most nights, but the summer arrives (however fleeting it may be) and suddenly social calendars fill up. Business continues as usual but somehow we have to fit in all these extra events, and with the World Cup starting this weekend, the World Cup parties and BBQs begin. With all these extra goings on, don’t let yourself become ‘stressed’.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone complains about stress. I am very glad to say that Stage remains a stress free environment. Of course we work hard, but the business understands individual needs, understands how to reward its employees and also how to make us all feel valued. Many people say that jobs are much more stressful nowadays, try to justify how they feel by saying everyone gets stressed and that’s how work is. I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s not the case. I love my job, and I’m not stressed.

I have friends who claim stress is natural. No, stress isn’t natural. After a long day at work you may feel tired, but that doesn’t mean stressed. After your favourite physical activity, you feel tired yes? But you’re happy about it, after a good run I feel exhausted, but I’m certainly not stressed. Stress is a mental issue and self-created.

Stress relates to the demands we put on ourselves. For example, going for a run, enjoying the outdoors – is reality. Wanting to break a friend’s record for completing the route- is a demand. Once we set the demands for ourselves, they take root and takes over. This can lead to anxiety which inhibits our performance, reduces our efficiency as well as the probability of attaining the result. This makes us more anxious, and the cycle continues.

So here is my way of dealing with stress –

  • Reduce the energy used on stress creation! No one is more productive when stressed, yes, some people work well under pressure but not stressed. So take a deep breath!
  • Don’t set yourself unachievable targets that you then stress about not meeting.
  • Move from ‘What should I do?’ to ‘What can I do?’
  • ‘A wise choice isn’t a perfect one, just the best one’.

The road of life might be difficult or easy. But whether we want to be in the driver’s seat doing the best we can, or be dragged down the road yelling and screaming – is our own personal choice.

When all else fails, it helps to start by reminding yourself that being stressed only reduces your chances of success, but never improves them. So it’s never ever worth it.


Stressing about an upcoming IT project? Stage’s programme delivery team can ensure your project is delivered on-time and of course, stress free. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your resourcing needs.


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