Recent changes in recruiting and job hunting


I recently read James Caan’s advice on how to get your CV on the top of the pile, and thought does this really work in modern day recruiting?

James advises applicants to tailor their CV to the role and the company itself, and of course mention why they are most suited for the role and how they would fit into the culture of their potential employer, however in recent years recruiters are having to be more and more private about who they are recruiting for. Often on sites such as monster and jobsite you can apply for a job and have no idea who you could be working for, with a job description being only a number of vague bullet points. So this leads me to the question, have job boards made it easier or harder to secure that dream position?

In my opinion it seems job applications are a lot less personal that they used to be. There was a time when there were handwritten letters with attached personalized resumes sent to a specific person in a company who was in charge of finding someone for that role. However, now you can apply for jobs through LinkedIn, without a covering letter and you application is just a link to your profile, is this right? Not only that, but I have often seen applications being sent to generic ‘’ which makes it all even more difficult to personalize your application.

At Stage, we aren’t a recruitment company, we don’t fire hundreds of CVs across to our clients. We get to know our candidates, knowing their skills and expertise so we can find the right job for them and ensure we find the perfect candidate for our clients. We ask all the right questions and all our candidates are technically checked to ensure that they hold the correct skills for the role. For more information on our services give us a call on 0207 969 2703 or visit our website


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