Recruitment And Social Media

In the new digital age, Social Media plays a key role in the recruitment process. Gone are the days of placing job advertisements; nowadays everything is all online. With most professionals on Facebook, Twitter and more importantly LinkedIn, recruiters are increasingly relying on Social Media to form part of their recruitment strategies. This is supported by research conducted by the Employment Studies for Acas who polled 400 HR decision makers and found that:

  • 40% cent of HR decision makers were already using social media tools in recruitment and 16% cent were planning to in future.
  • Around 40% cent would make greater use of [Social Media] in the future.
  • Social media tools are often used as well as traditional recruitment strategies.
  • There are a range of ways in which social media is used in the recruitment process including searching for potential candidates online and ‘screening’ candidates by viewing their social media profiles.


As mentioned above, a major benefit of using Social Media as a recruitment strategy is that is allows recruiters the opportunity to screen candidates. LinkendIn profiles can be used to view previous experience, while Twitter and Facebook profiles can be screened to see candidate in their natural social element. In addition to screening candidates, recruiters also use Social Media to advertise jobs. Twitter and LinkedIn are both good platforms for posting job vacancies as professionals can easily view listings on their smart phones and/or tablets. Lastly, Social Media is a cost effect strategy as recruiters are able to post jobs and make direct contact with candidates quickly and efficiently; all at a fraction of the price of tradition recruitment channels.

What do you think about Social Media? Do you use it as part of your recruitment strategy? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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