2018 has kicked off to a great start for us at Stage. We are in talks with Bike Share operators around the world and looking to deploy our BICO solution in new markets abroad. We recently launched in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. Our AI platform is being used to optimise and automate […]

Recruiting the right calibre of talent has never been more important. The economic uncertainty caused by Brexit, organisations competing for the best hires, associated costs and time commitment, all mean you have to get your recruitment right or it may impact future success. What happens next is even more important. How do you lead and […]

Alan Turing believed by the year 2000, people would accept the idea of Artificial Intelligence. Without the majority of us realizing it, AI is an integral part of our daily lives, the vision of the future portrayed in many movies is here today. Self-drive cars are on the roads, accurate deliveries tracked to our homes […]

The Intermediaries Legislation, or IR35 as it is more commonly known, has been the topic of conversation for many in the world of freelance contracting. With HMRC this year promising to reduce IR35 case investigation time, this key piece of legislation is now a topic that no contractor can afford to ignore. What is it? […]

The first and most important step in creating higher levels of engagement is to view employees as individuals, an investment to deliver great reward; rather than as an asset to be managed. Long-term engagement begins with good communication between employer and employees as well as amongst colleagues to create a positive working environment. By working […]

You’ve heard it before, a happy, motivated and fulfilled workforce leads to improved business performance; and there is evidence to demonstrate a link between how people are managed and business performance. Positive relationships are synonymous with revenue growth, profit, customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, brand advocating, staff retention and efficiency. ACAS note four key ingredients of […]

As a concept, employee engagement brings together a range of earlier concepts such as motivation, commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour. It is usually seen as an internal state of being relating to our physical, mental and emotional states; however, as it is becoming more mainstream in management thinking many see it as encompassing behaviour. Some […]